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We can help you manage any scale of recruitment whether it be to recruit one person or to recruit a number of people as part of a large campaign.

We are not a high street recruitment agency. We do not have a large database and simply send you details for people who may loosely fit the description of the person you are looking for. We offer a bespoke service. We meet with you to fully understand the role(s). We can help you write a job description. We then look at the recruitment options and consider the best options for identifying suitable candidates. We can manage this for you. We would carry out first stage interviews and only put in front of you people who meet your full person requirements. We can, if you wish, provide advice on employment packages including an appropriate salary and overall terms and conditions of employment.

We can support your graduate or apprentice recruitment campaign from placing adverts through to assessment and appointment. We can support any other large scale recruitment campaign such as when you may be restructuring or expanding your business. We are fully qualified to carry out a wide range of aptitude and psychometric tests to meet your exact requirements.

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'Many thanks for all your hard work on this - it's been a pleasure working with you!' Jenny Dines, Customer Service Direct
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