We recognise that some members of your staff will benefit more from one to one training/coaching than attending a formal training programme. As part of their personal development planning, we can offer people a range tailored support, for example assertiveness training, presentation skills, facilitation skills etc, etc.

Our approach is to meet with you to ascertain the development needs and to then compile a programme to meet these needs, over an appropriate period to allow individuals to reflect on their learning and get a chance to put it into practice and get feedback.

Our trained consultants then work on a one to one basis with the individual. This may include the use of psychometrics such as 360 degree assessment to help individuals further develop their self awareness.

We always take account of the environment where the individual works and work with both the individual and the manager to ensure the learning is embedded into behaviours in the workplace.

Our programmes are completely flexible and, whilst we do of course use our past experiences to deliver the training/coaching, we always ensure that any such programme is fully designed to meet your needs.

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