Our client’s requirement was for us to design and deliver a leadership development programme tailored specifically to their business. Fundamental to a successful outcome for the client was that the design and delivery processes were emulative of the desired culture for the business.

We spent time working with line managers to develop a modular programme which balanced academic concepts with the practicalities of the client’s operation. This meant that the learning had a practical relevance grounded in the reality of the client’s business.

The client chose to have four modules, as follows:

Module One – Leader’s role in context: designed to introduce the concepts of leadership but aligned closely in the context of the client’s business.

Module Two – A two day module – Self-awareness & Impact: using psychometric instruments to help participants see themselves as others see them; and Coaching for Leaders: so armed with a better understanding of self and others, how to ensure that superior performance is encouraged.

Module Three – Managing Performance: building on the previous module ensuring that performance is measured and demonstrably delivered.

Module Four – Managing Change: designed to reasonably future proof leaders, to be adaptable and able to change direction ahead of the curve.

We ran the first presentation of the programme for a group of the client’s existing leaders and as a result of a successful outcome and rave reviews, we have run two further programmes, both aimed at aspiring leaders. More programmes are in the offing.

Our client chose the four modules above, but it is a central part of our ethos to work with clients and tailor modules to their specific requirements. The quality of our delivery is first-class and the cost of design and delivery extremely competitive.

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