Development centres

Can you rely upon your people simply to deliver day in day out without some form of personal development? It’s unlikely. Most will either require development in their current role or development in order to undertake other, perhaps more senior roles in the future. Are you looking for future leadership potential?. What happened if your business re-organises? How do you get your people to work well in their new working environment with new colleagues.

We encourage you to use personal development planning as part of generally managing your staff. We can help you to put this in place. We can work with you to create personal development opportunities including the design and delivery of development centres. Using a number of techniques including psychometrics, we can help teams and individuals to develop and release their potential. We design such centres to meet your specific needs. We don’t simply impose a model on you. We have a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes so give us a call to find out what we can do for you. We are very happy to put you in touch with clients we have worked with so you can find out more about our approach.

Appraisals/Personal development plans

The dreaded appraisal. Managers generally hate doing them. They say it’s mainly because they take up so much time. They get in the way of doing the day job. The key thing they miss of course is that a successful appraisal can means a more motivated and productive employee that may make the manager’s life a little easier!

Staff need to know what is expected of them at work. We can work with you to establish a performance management process starting with agreeing performance objectives. We usually recommend they be SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bounded). We can help you establish where skill gaps exist and how these may be filled through personal development. We can train your managers how to appraise performance at the end of the performance period. This need not be an arduous process. It needs to be seen as benefiting the team as a whole. We can consider with you how the appraisal process may link to other forms of staff reward.

Managing performance

How do you manage people? Does it depend on who manages? Is there a management style in your company? How do you sustain this when a new manager joins you? How do new staff know what management style you operate and what you expect of them? How do they know whether they would fit your culture? Blue Star Human Resources can work with you to put in place a process for managing your people on a day to day basis. We will help your managers learn the skills to manage performance effectively. Your people will need to know what is expected of them. They will need to acquire new skills and experience as your business evolves.


We are talking here about investigations into disciplinary matters, grievances, harassment/bullying etc. We recognise that it is not always practical for investigations to be carried out in-house. You might need an outside perspective or you may simply not have the time. We have wide experience of carrying out such investigations in both the public and private sectors. We respect confidentiality and deliver a thoroughly comprehensive report including findings and recommendations within given timescales.

Poor performance

Dealing with poor performance is one of the most difficult things a manager has to do. It’s so easy to be at one of the extremes – to want to immediately sack people who are not performing properly or to simply ignore it and it might go away. Neither approach is acceptable to any successful business. At one extreme a lengthy and costly tribunal proceeding may be the result (to say nothing of the impact on morale of those left behind!) and at the other extreme the business suffers as a result of someone staying who is clearly not performing as they should be.

Psychometric testing

Through our British Psychological Society (BPS) Level B trained Consultants, we are able to deliver the whole range of psychometric assessments. You may want to test ability either at entry or as part of personal development – numeracy, verbal reasoning, management judgement, customer service, production etc. You may want a personality profile; either a one off assessment of an individual or as part of a team development programme. How do people behave within a team? How can we get people to work better together? You may want to carry out a 360 degree assessment to get feedback from a range of colleagues and managers. We are able to deliver using a range of products. These include all SHL products, 16PF Myers Briggs and Belbin Team Type analysis.

Sickness management

This is a problem for many organisations regardless of whether they have a sick pay scheme in place. The number of days lost through sickness in the UK is enormous. Our view is that sickness levels can be reduced through the use of good management techniques. Many managers avoid confronting sickness issues – assuming high levels to be the ‘norm.’ Why not try out our Sickness Improvement Guarantee. We will work with you free of charge to reduce your sickness absence levels. All we do is ask you to share some of the cost savings.

Disciplinaries and grievances

Not only can we help you ensure that you have in place fit for purpose policies and procedures, we can assist you in the day to day management of disciplinary and grievance cases. We can carry out an investigation into the circumstances of the case to assist the decision making process. We can ensure that you follow due process and therefore do not risk finding yourself in an employment tribunal facing an automatic unfair dismissal claim. We can accompany you at any hearing, again to ensure that the correct process is followed. We can also use our knowledge and experience of the employment tribunal process to ensure that any decision you make does not put you at risk of a successful claim by an aggrieved employee or ex-employee.

Ad Hoc HR advice

We can provide you with advice and support on all people issues on either a ‘pay as you go’ or a ‘retained’ payment basis. We would initially work with you to fully understand your business. We would support you in establishing fully fit for purpose employment policies and procedures. We would work with you to establish rates of pay and support the recruitment and selection process. We would effectively act as your outsourced HR Manager to support all aspects of HR management within your business. The nature of this support would change as your business grows. Initially we would be establishing and embedding processes and procedures but the role will develop over time to be mainly advisory and/or administrative to ensure day to day HR issues are managed effectively. We would continue to ensure that you comply with the law and with best HR practice.

Equal pay audit

Equal Pay is, perhaps surprisingly, becoming a major issue for organisations. Although legislation in this area has been around for many years, there has been much recent activity, mainly in the public sector, to resolve equality issues surrounding pay. There have been many challenges to equality, especially where re-organisations have resulted in salary preservation for groups of staff who comprise mainly the same sex. The Equality Bill places an equality reporting duty on public bodies and from 2013 this extends to all companies with more than 250 staff.

We have experience of carrying out Equal Pay Audits in a number of different organisations. Let us know if you would like us to check out your arrangements. You may think you comply but it can be surprising how comparisons between groups can be made.

Managing conflict

Difficult people issues arise even in the best managed companies. Have you ever been frustrated by an issue that you just found impossible to deal with? Or an individual whose attitude was all wrong? What about incidents at work that just get out of hand? We recommend dealing with every issue early on, face to face (if possible), and in an open way. Sometimes you may have to resort to your disciplinary procedure but most times you’ll be able to address a problem before it gets unmanageable. If however, you find yourself in need of additional support to manage a particularly difficult situation, Blue Star Human Resources can act as an independent facilitator or mediator to work with you to minimise the risk to your business.

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