Managing dismissals

Dismissing employees is something all businesses hope to avoid but few manage to. Have you so far avoided any claims for Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal, is this by luck or judgement? Are you equipped to deal with situations where you need to dismiss people? Do you have the procedures in place and are your managers capable of applying them? Are your managers aware of what options are open to them and what the risks are of getting things wrong? We can help you to put in place the necessary arrangements for you to dismiss employees with the minimum of fuss and with minimum risk of action being taken against you.


This can be a minefield. How do you consult with staff? How do you select candidates for redundancy? How do you work out what to pay redundant staff? Perhaps more importantly, what’s the best process for you to follow from start to finish?

Not only can we help you to put in place an appropriate policy, we can work with you when redundancies occur to ensure that you do not fall into any traps and ultimately find yourself in an employment tribunal or paying out many thousand pounds in legal costs or compensation.

Settlement agreements

Sometimes you need to make an exit watertight in order to avoid the risk of further action being taken against you by the ex-employee. This might occur in a redundancy situation or simply because someone in your organisation is no longer performing as you wish. The settlement agreement is a legal document that basically says that in return for payment of a sum of money in compensation for loss of office, the employee will take no further action against the organisation.

These are often difficult and very sensitive cases. We have considerable experience of dealing with such cases and can work with you to use a settlement agreement to good effect if required within your organisation.


Coupled with your exit arrangements, you may wish to offer your staff some support with moving on from your organisation to doing something else. Our consultants can work with individuals or groups of people to help them to identify appropriate next steps. We can support them to put in place a fit for purpose CV and then assist with the job search process or set up their own businesses. Our network of contacts often proves useful with searching out jobs and we have experience in helping new start up businesses. We are also able to help people to adopt good interview techniques and help them to market their skills and negotiate a competitive salary and benefits package.

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