HR/Employment audit

Are your HR policies and practices up to scratch? Put simply, your HR policies explain and document your employment terms and conditions and how you manage your workforce in line with employment legislation. Do they comply with or exceed legal requirements? Are your policies and procedures documented and available? Could you deal effectively with an employment law challenge to your business? If you aren’t sure then Blue Star Human Resources will put things right. We will audit your existing policies and procedures and then recommend any changes to reflect current legislation and best practice.

HR policies

What state are your HR policies in? Are you confident that they are up to date and comply with employment legislation? Are they accessible to your staff and managers? Are your managers trained in how to apply them? What do they say about you as an organisation? Many people are influenced by what kind of employer they are joining. This is about more than terms and conditions. Increasingly individuals know their rights and are looking for more than just a decent salary . People are now looking for employers who can offer that bit more. We can help you put policies in place that help you stay within the law and help you attract and retain employees by sending positive messages about what you do and what its like to work for you.

Staff handbook

So you have your employment contract and supporting employment policies and procedures in place but how do staff find out about what they need to know about working for you on a day to day basis? We always recommend putting in place a short, highly readable Staff/Employee Handbook covering areas such what your organisation does, pay and benefits, absence/leave, health and safety, company property, learning/development and how you expect your people to behave at work. We believe the Handbook to be an import means of you communicating the look and feel of your organisation to your staff. We can put this document together for you with the minimum of effort on your part. We will ask you the relevant questions and then we do the rest.


You’ve found the right person, congratulations! This may have taken plenty of time, money and effort. How do you make sure they get off to a flying start? How do you create the right impression? It’s their first day, they don’t know anyone, they only have limited information about your company. What do they need to know? Do they need this before they join or during their first day/first week/first month? Having found the right person, it is important that they become fully aware of the nature of your organisation and know all there is to know about their new job. We can help by working with you to put together an appropriate induction programme when you need it.

Employment contracts

Your employment contract is more than a legal document. It makes the first statement about your organisation and the relationship you have with your people. It should reflect both the needs of your business and your market sector. If you’re worried about getting the balance right we can help you with a pragmatic approach, simple language and make sure that all legal aspects are covered.

Role profiling

How can you ensure people know what is expected of them at work? You need to know the type of person you want in each role and what you want them to achieve. The approach that Blue Star Human Resources uses is to work with you to develop a role profile covering each job in the organisation. This combines the job description, skills, knowledge & experience and personal qualities in a simple easy to use format. This profile will then form the basis of recruitment, individual performance management, career and personal development. We can also work with you to determine a competency/behavioural framework for your business. This can be used to articulate a common set of desired competencies/behaviours across your business.


Are you having trouble attracting the right people or are you losing people to your competitors? Comparing your organisation with others is often important to help you to ensure that the salary and benefits package you offer is competitive for your sector or location . It is often difficult to get hold of relevant benchmarking information. We have the necessary experience and contacts to help you to gain this valuable information so that your business is always one step ahead of the others.

Recruitment and selection

How do you make your business attractive in the job marketplace? How do you attract the right people to your business? From all the people who may apply to join you, how do you know who is right for you? How do you legally reject people you think are unsuitable? And how do you manage the expectations of your current employees when vacancies arise? The recruitment process can be a minefield. It needs careful planning and considerable effort if it is to be successful. How much time do managers have to get it right? We can help you through this minefield. We can provide professional recruitment support from the time a vacancy is identified right through to the point your new employee joins you.

Having successfully attracted people to your job vacancy, how do you fairly select the people to shortlist? Do you just interview people or do you also apply ability tests and personality questionnaires? How do you select and identify raw talent such as apprentices, administrative trainees, graduate trainees as opposed to experienced people where you can assess track record? Do you have a different approach dependent upon the nature of the vacancy? Selecting someone to join your business is an absolutely critical decision. The wrong decision can prove very costly. There can be no guarantees with the selection process but Blue Star Human Resources can help you reduce the risks involved and keep you within this complex area of employment law.

Assessment centres

Recruiting new people to your business is full of risks. Do you really want to make such an important decision based upon a 30 minute interview? With an assessment centre you considerably reduce this risk by assessing a number of different aspects of ability, and knowledge. We design our assessment centres with you using a ‘pick and mix’ approach. We would work with you to determine what’s right for you. The assessment centre could comprise an exercise to assess how people behave in a group situation. You could assess numeracy or verbal reasoning or specific skills required for the job such as IT skills or ability to follow instructions. You may consider an in-tray exercise to be appropriate to assess how candidates prioritise their work. All of this could be backed up by personality profiling. We can also train your line managers to be assessors at the assessment centre.

Experience proves that by putting candidates through an assessment process there is far more chance of you getting the right person. Talk with us about the full range of options available.

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