When a group of ex Senior Managers in the energy industry got together to form a brand new energy sales company they came to us for help with establishing fit for purpose HR policies and procedures.

We then started to work with the founders to fully understand the vision and values for the business and, with these in mind, set about putting in place the policies and procedures required to manage growing numbers of staff in this fast moving sales environment. This included staff contracts, a staff handbook, and policies in areas such as recruitment/selection, performance management, reward, disciplinary/grievance, diversity, learning/development and all other areas relevant to this business. We did not simply pick up standard policies from an internet site. We used our considerable experience in all aspects of HR management to ensure policies were fully fit for purpose and up to date. For instance, we put in place a number of very specific reward and other arrangements to manage a team of remote working sales staff. We also worked hard to ensure there were suitable arrangements in place to motivate and reward staff in a call centre environment.

We worked on-site with the founders and became an integral part of the team that put in place the basic infrastructure required to ensure long-term business success. Blue Star Human Resources provides hand-on advice and support. We are available on the ‘phone and by email but our main strength is that we work alongside key staff on-site. We also provide fully qualified, experienced staff. We don’t simply send along someone straight from business school!

Having established a sound HR infrastructure, we then set about recruiting the right people for the business. We managed the production of job descriptions. We advised on reward strategy. We established sound selection criteria. To cut a long story short, over a period of just 5 years the business has grown to over 200 staff and is still growing, even in these uncertain times. It’s not all been plain sailing. There have been some staffing issues but the sound policies put in place at the outset have enabled these to be managed very effectively at minimum disruption to the business.

For the first couple of years, Blue Star Human Resources was the business HR manager. One of our Directors managed the contract but called upon other Directors/staff as required. Within the Blue Star Human Resources Team we have the expertise readily available to manage any area of HR management. As the business grew it became apparent that an in-house HR Manager was required. However, we are still retained to provide expertise advice and support on a day to day basis. It is recognised that no matter how good an internal HR resource may be, they cannot possibly be experts in all fields of HR management so this is where we neatly fill the gap.

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"Just a personal thank you for all the work you have been able to do with us, I think that it has made a big difference"

– P Henry